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Update 3" 4 plate columns Shiney 92

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Update 3" 4 plate columns Shiney 92

Postby Shiney 92 » Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:38 am

Well we haven't made a post i a while so here's the update.
We have run 150 gal of wash through the 3 inch 4 plate column atop a 13 gal boiler to get some solid information. First this column will do 95-96% all day depending on how it's run Heat and water flow is important !!. The column will run just over a gal per hr avg again depending on how it's run and what you are wanting to achieve. The still is run atop a standard turkey frier burner $50-$60 Bucks most any where. now the washes were around 12% with 1 @ 10%. What we have found @ 12% we get aprox. 7 gal @ 85-88% 170 - 180 proof avg from 50 gal of mash. Now if you are proofing down to 98-100 proof for consumption you get aprox. 10- 11 gal. respectively. For fuel grade on this setup pushing the still is fine it runs flawlessly. If you are looking for drinkable product then I will tell you the old timers are right low heat and slow is the only way to go. This column will produce some very fine and flavorful alcohol if run correctly with little effort with a 13 gal stainless boiler about 6-7 hrs per run is avg. Warm up is About 2 hr's for a consumable product and about 30 -40 min;s a quart after about 40 min's full reflux keeping the defrag condenser aprox 165-170 to start and adjusting cooling to maintain for as long as possible.
The Washes:
The first 2 was a sweet feed wash # 1 was 50# sweet feed 100# sugar (easy wash produced 12.5%) and we used a whiskey yeast aprox 8 oz.On the second we removed about 10-12 # of grain being careful not to disturb the yeast bed and added back fresh feed and 75# sugar with warm water. the wash took off again like gang busters both washes worked hard for about 4days we let then sit for 3-4 more days to clear the second wash yield was aprox 10.5% likely due to less sugar.
The third wash was a bit different:(The best yet imo)
Leaving the grain bed from the wash#2 we used 12 gal back set from our boiler and added 50# of sugar.We then added 15# ground corn heated in 10 gal water about 150-160 for a hour or so cooled a bit to 100 added 10# ground rye stirred and added the other 50# sugar placed it in the barrel finished up with warm water to top it off stirred it well added 2 handfuls of rye on top for a cap.The wash took off in a few hrs and we let it go about 10 days total.When we ran this we ran very low heat it
took about 2 1/2 hrs to reach the 194 temp this is where the column starts reflux.We keep the boiler heat down and the defrag cool (165 deg)for 40 mins. Next we increased the input (heat) until we were pulling a qt every 30-35 min. with just a bit of reflux on the bottom plate and a bit more as you go up to the top (just bubbling in the window) the run came off @ 185 collected 2 gal.
Now i took 10 oz off the first of every run as 4shots its about twice more than you need but i have a use for it.The first qt is94-95% then falls to around 88-85% for the next 3 1/2 to 4 qt's then slowly falls to 80% then 75% we collect down to 50% defrag still below 175 deg product is clear ad smells good.Tails start just after this point it falls pretty fast from 50% to 30%.when the defrag climbs to 185. @ 190 deg on the defrag at this point your done the boiler will be @ 208-210 deg, All in all im pleased with the build and the results and i would like to Thank all in this forum for their input and advise. Ill post more when we do a bit more with the washes.We are also working on a new boiler so more to come.
Now thats the best tasting fuel I ever put in the tank !!!
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