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Did I make my shotgun too short?

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Did I make my shotgun too short?

Postby Beast » Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:06 pm

Hello guys, sorry for not introducing myself. I have a quick question.

I think I screwed myself with my product cooler. I made my dephlegmator 4" pipe 4" long with 12 5/8" tubes, which should plenty afaik, except I then made my shotgun with 4" pipe and 8" long(more like 19cm) also with 12 5/8" tubes thinking a twice as big dephlegmator would be enough.

Now I am starting to worry I should have made it at least a big bigger. 6KW is all the power I can use, but it probably won't be normal running speed.

Not running atm because I am waiting for electric parts.

How much KW could I knockdown with a 4" pipe that is 8" long, decent flow and around 85 degrees?

Thanks :oops:
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