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Is my reflux condensor too small?

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Is my reflux condensor too small?

Postby gusterminator » Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:06 am

Hi guys, I have an 8 plate baby dragon on a 30L boiler with a 3000W element and a 2" long Dephlegmator. When I heat up my still into total reflux mode with the water on full open and heat on full my Dephlegmator won't knock everything down. I have to turn my heat back to 55%. Then if I slowly turn the water valve that limits the flow to my Dephigmator down I can get 90% at 1.5 ltrs per hour.

What would I gain from replacing my current dephlegmator with a 4" one, or one that could knock down all liquid at full power. Would this increase my output or allow my bubble plates to fill up to a higher level?


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Re: Is my reflux condensor too small?

Postby RefluxEd » Wed Mar 23, 2016 3:08 pm

Hi Gus,
Yes, I reckon too small. I use a copper 4" diameter RC with 9 x 200mm long internal tubes. I'm on gas, but to give you an idea I can have 3 rings of a 4 ring burner almost flat out and it can handle it. If my guess is correct that's about 15KW. If I go flat out there's a little that makes it through.
The amount of water you push through also has a bearing on an RC's ability.
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Bubbler with 14 4x3x4 inch tees and 15 bubble plates under a 4 inch section under the dephlagmator (RC).
2 inch Pot still.
2 inch to 4 inch Gin head.
2x 1.2 mtre Leibig condensors.
2 inch x 800 mm shotgun condenser.
Love it!
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Re: Is my reflux condensor too small?

Postby bigfoot » Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:52 pm

Try some colder water - ice - maybe an easy fix.
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