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Just an idea - mixing vapours

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Just an idea - mixing vapours

Postby bigfoot » Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:08 pm

It's funny when you get into this hobby you start seeing various things that might be useful in the "system".
Today I was washing my hands with a flick master...I thought, what a nifty little pot head BUT then something else sprung to mind...
Would it be possible to have 2 boilers, with different washes, connected together via a mix master...
Imagine how cool that would be to be able to set the "flick master" head open to allow both vapour paths to flow. you could then mix vapour paths at what ever quantities - to taste and then run the entire vapour mix to a single condenser...
I wonder if this would be possible? It obviously works with water but vapour?!?! If it did work it would need someone who understands vapour and tastes to the nth degree...might be good for gin, or botanical mixing - but the beauty would be in the ability to adjust the amount of vapour from either boiler...
Just a thought ;-)
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Re: Just an idea - mixing vapours

Postby Maheel » Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:43 pm

i have seen a dual boiler still set up somewhere on the web but it had no mix control
might have been 2 50L kegs piped together into a pot i think.

danger is if you close one valve on one boiler you might pressurize it.... and then BOOM!!!!
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