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Back to Back brew night

Back to Back brew night

Postby Codfishhead » Thu May 21, 2015 12:42 am

Wondering how many others do back to back batches to save time.

Tonight I’m going to brew a brown ale and make an all grain mash to distill. Doing back to back mashes saves me many hours. Brewing is a good 4 to 6 hr process. After I rinse my grains and put the wort in the boil pot I add more grains to my mash tun and convert that while my wort is in the boil pot. During my 60 min boil my mash grains are sitting at 150 degrees converting. Rack that off and pitch my yeast starter while recirculating the mash until it runs clear. Then into the boil pot and start the 60 min timer again.

For brewing beers or making mashes to distill I’m almost always doing back to back brew days/nights. I’m saving min 3 hours off the second batch.
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Re: Back to Back brew night

Postby Maheel » Thu May 21, 2015 4:50 pm

i do BIAB and and no-chill and have set up two 50L boilers
i then can do a ALE and a Lager if i want at the "same time"

adds about 1hr to a standard brew time for 2X the beer :)
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