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Karamalz "kit"

Karamalz "kit"

Postby Johnny108 » Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:41 am

Karamalz is a German product for a hopped malt-extract drink. It's not fermented, so, no alcohol.
If you bring it to a boil to drive off the CO2, and add regular granulated sugar until about 7-10% potential alcohol (I use the
sugar wash calculator at Cool it, throw into a small fermenter (I use a 2liter erlenmeyer flask that is normally used for
"starters" for liquid yeasts).
Pitch either Cooper's ale yeast, or EDME yeast, and I get a nice light brown doppelbock "ale", or possibly a nice
brown tripel, with a milder yeast profile.
It's sold in half liter plastic bottles, which I re-use for bottle conditioning. A pack of yeast, some sugar, and 1-2 Euro per liter for a
smooth, strong ale.
Most countries have a variation of this type of drink. Often called "malta", or something similar. Find one in your area, boil off
the CO2, add sugar, cool, pitch yeast, and see what kind of flavor profiles you get.
I've heard of people getting everything from amber to blond strong ales using whatever they found locally.
A quick brew you can knock out after work.
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Re: Karamalz "kit"

Postby the Doctor » Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:58 am

Hi johnny welcome ...please introduce yourself ...tell us more about yourself and how you distil.
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