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The Constitution of modern distiller :A Must Read

Just a quick heads up, for new members

The Constitution of modern distiller :A Must Read

Postby the Doctor » Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:12 am

before Joining or Posting to this forum we ask that the following document be studied...the articles presented in this document are a statement of what we as a group represent...if for any reason you do not find agreement with these principles.. do not proceed you subsequent removal from the forum may cause you embarrassment... membership is not a is a valued gift, endowed by your peers by virtue of their communion in this place...if you respect these simple articles and act with dignity and acceptance then as a valued member of this forum you will be gifted with friendship, camaraderie and a place to hang your hat for a chat for as long as you wish.
the Doctor

the modern distiller forum

The modern distiller forum is founded on the following principles.

it is prerequisite to membership of the forum that these principles be agreed to and upheld.

We are adults who as mature citizens hold the following to be self evident, and agree without reserve to its constitution.

The forum was established to provide a place where distillers could meet and converse without fear.

A place where the principals of free speech are held in the highest regard, by all.

A place where difference of opinion is an accepted part of having a vibrant and diverse community.

A place where the opinions of others are respected whilst not always agreed with.

There is no place in our community for hatred of any form, be it racism, homophobia, sexism, religious, or indeed any other singling out of person, group or creed for criticism or prejudice.

personal attacks are not to be tolerated...not because they are against the rules...but because they jeopardize the very thing we have built and value...a vibrant inclusive community.

The forum is not in and of itself a commercial entity...however members of the forum may enter into commercial enterprise and do so only in the areas provided. That is the commercial section for those who sell professionally and in the case of personal property exchange and barter of a non professional nature...the classifieds.

Instead of a list of rules. We the members of the forum as mature adults who are part of a respectful and supportive community, recognize the personal responsibility we bear to never bring ourselves, our comrades our community or the craft of distilling itself into ill repute. to always support and encourage new distillers and to provide the example that may one day lead to the legalization of our craft.

We agree to abide by and respect the Administration and Moderators...and in return you can expect to be shown respect.

In recognition that moderation is not an easy task and the wisdom of solomon is sometimes required... it is impossible to guarantee that ...we will always “get it right”.
however the moderators are there to serve the good of the community. And as such you can expect fairness, even handedness and transparency.

the Administrator is the final arbitrator of any dispute...decisions at this level are final and not negotiable.

The Administrator is elected by the moderators from candidates at any level of membership.
any member may nominate or be nominated for the position.
The administrator will be responsible for arbitration on all matters that require a final and definitive decision.

Upon leaving office the elected administrator will return to the forum in the role he or she was in when elected If a moderator is elected as administrator they remain concurrently both administrator and moderator .

The moderation panel is to be selected by the founder in consultation with the members.

Because of the nature of setting up a forum ...I the Doctor will remain the founder/administrator... but hereby promise to abstain from interference with the day to day governance of the forum unless a vote of no confidence is raised with at least 2/3 majority of regular members. or a 2/3 majority of moderation representatives. role will be to assist the administrator and mods and to look after the running of the server,
I reserve the right to be a moderator and or mentor.

I Propose that the term of Administrator be for a period of 12 months
starting on the 1st of January in any year

I Propose that the elected administrator be limited to no more than 2 terms.
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