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getting around height issues

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getting around height issues

Postby kopek » Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:12 am

I personally don't do neutral, but this is an idea I've had for some time and wanted to share it and get some ideas on improvement. Not sure how well it would work...
Idea is some form of structured packing in the column to the right, the boiler under the plated column. Just out of curiosity, if that were a 3" column on the right, how tall? Insulate the down tube between columns (not sure what the technical term is for that part).
I just put the dephelgmator over the plates because I'm assuming it would be needed to keep them full. Would like to hear opinions on if it is necessary to do cm or vm for the second column.
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Re: getting around height issues

Postby lokibrew » Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:03 am

This is how StGeorge Spirits has their primary Arnold Holstein plated still configured:


the onion boiler on the left feeds into the plated column ( with no dephleg on top ) and that in turn can lead into the second column with a dephleg/pre-condensor, or directly into the shotgun condenser.

Have to check my pics, but it may be unit 500 ( slide 9 )

I'll add some more pics off my phone
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Re: getting around height issues

Postby Prairiepiss » Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:29 am

The dephlegmater would need to be above the packed section. The packing needs reflux to work. You would also need a drain system at the bottom of the packed section. Or possibly a thumper to collect the returning liquid from the packed section.

The dephlegmater at the top of the plated section could be used to load the plates. Then shut off and the one on top of the packed section used to control the still.

But truthfully two or 3 plates with even a 6" spacing. Would be 18" and a 24" packed section is only 42". Plus dephlegmater and a turn down on top. It would still be under 5 foot. Many reflux stills are that tall. If not taller. With this design you don't need much more then that to get a good neutral. Actually I do it with a lot less.
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