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Pot still builds

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Pot still builds

Postby Spud1700 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:34 pm

There are a lot of variations and types of pot stills, this is a pretty standard pot still that is an easy build.

Most people go for a 2 inch in copper to start off with a liebig condensor, 3/4 inch tube over 1/2 inch is pretty standard but you can go 1 inch over 3/4 inch if you like.

First thing you wil need is a length of 2 inch tube (height is not important anywhere from 30 cm to 60 cm is fine). To attach the still to the boiler (most people use a stainless steel beer keg) you can use a 2 inch stainless ferrule and you will need a triclamp and gasket. If you have a T 500 boiler for example you can put a reducer on the column and put a 40mm tube bush on it with a backing nut.

For the head you will need a 90 degree bend in two inch, a 2 inch to 1 inch reducer, a 1 inch 90 degree bend, a 1 inch to 1/2 inch reducer.

Then for the liebig approx 750 mm to 1 meter of 1/2 inch tube and the same of 3/4 inch tube and two fittings as per the photos. If you want to remove the liebig for storage you will need two 1/2 inch tube bushes and a joiner.

With the column when you attach the ferrule to the copper column you can use solder or TIG weld it on, if you have a tube expander expand the tube and the ferrule will slip into the copper tube. If you do not have a tube expander you can use a 2 inch joiner.
If you use solder you will need to use the correct flux, solder and the correct technique, there are several threads on joining stainless ferrules to copper columns.

Photo of a ferrule welded into the column using stainless filler (I don't solder as I have a TIG)
stainless to copper column (1024 x 680).jpg

Next step is to add your bend, reducers etc to your column
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Re: Pot still builds

Postby Spud1700 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:19 pm

Use flux if soft soldering the pieces together, put it together and solder her up (before you solder it up sit the column on your boiler and check the angle to make sure the liebig is sloping downward and check to see where you are going to be collecting your spirit as it comes out of the still). Personally I would braze it up if I did not have a TIG but soldering is the easiest method.

Photo is of a 40mm column, once you have soldered it up hit it with a bit of sandpaper to clean it up. In the photo I have a 1/2 inch tube bush on the column so I can remove the liebig. If you want you can use stainless fittings, ferrules etc.
DSC_0484 (968 x 648).jpg

With your liebig on your 1/2 inch tube to increase efficiency you can wrap copper wire around the outside of it to create turbulance or use vice grips to crimp the 1/2 inch tube which will also create turbulance and increase efficiency. Another easier option is to just put a piece of stainless scrubber inside the 1/2 inch tube which will slow the vapour and increase efficiencey of the liebig.

The 3/4 tube goes over the outside of the 1/2 inch tube and you have your fittings on either end to allow the cooling water to flow around the inner tube. You will need to file the inside of the fittings so the 1/2 inch tube slips through the fitting.

In the photo you can see the finised product (which I have TIG welded) and how the 3/4 goes over the 1/2 and the fitting in relation to the tubes. You can also add a 1/2 inch tube bush to the end of the liebig so you can join it to the column.

More to follow tomorrow night....
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Re: Pot still builds

Postby JeeterBee » Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:24 pm

Nice job. Pretty easy to follow. Looks similar to what I'm building right now. Where did you get your ferrule from?

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Re: Pot still builds

Postby Dist33 » Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:14 pm

:text-goodpost: I'm wondering if you still have any additions to this build? May I know where you got the ferrule?
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Re: Pot still builds

Postby JayD » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:42 am

you can get ferrules from ebay.
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Re: Pot still builds

Postby Copperhead road » Sun Jul 30, 2017 4:47 pm

Nice job mate, you have very nice welding skills (copper to stainless)
:handgestures-thumbupright: Looks tidy as
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