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New to this Distilling World

New to this Distilling World

Postby VARocketry » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:04 am


Thank you very much for the invitation to highlight the business. I did not want to come online to schill a product.

To Your Health - Sprouted Flour Company

My brother and I have grown my sister-in-law's hobby business into a seven year old firm employing fifteen people now with two production buildings. We have a thriving Internet based, mail-order business for a decidedly niche product - organic SPROUTED flours. We source about 17 type of organic grains, sprout them, and mill them into flour. Over the last two years we've seen the tremendous growth of demand for organic grains (without sprouting or milling) so we provide those now.

So we offer:
-organic & kosher certified sprouted flour products
-organic & kosher certified flour products (non-sprouted)
- organic certified grains
-we are completing build of a new facility to segregate GLUTEN FREE grain and flour production for certification

All the grain and flour offerings can be found here:

The local distillery uses RYE Flour for his RYE Whiskey and RYE Gin production so he'd use the "un-sprouted Flour" page:

We built this business using Alabama Redneck engineering to solve the production and growth issues because we had to.
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Certified ORGANIC Grains and Flour Source

Postby VARocketry » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:42 am


The consumer website is primarily for the healthy-food-nuts. Shipping is the killer for flour products as you might suspect.

Brewers generally can qualify for the wholesale schedules. I'd be glad to try to work up something with brother Jeff for this group with some idea of the order size.

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Re: New to this Distilling World

Postby emptyglass » Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:00 pm

Hi and welcome.
Is your "sprouted" flour like a malted wheat product?
Like Punkin, I'm across the pond too, so its just out of curiosity.
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Re: New to this Distilling World

Postby VARocketry » Mon May 27, 2013 3:32 pm


I apologize for the lengthy delay in responding, I didn't notice anyone had posted.

Quick answer: Yes. I've learned some of the language and phrases of this industry and malting is one that was different than I expected.

We call it "Sprouting" the grains. In our industry, malting includes this Sprouting but then dries and bakes (or roasts) the grains to give them added flavors.

I've learned by distillers use of the malted/malt phrase is identical to the Sprouting process.

Our processes go one step further that is valued in the health food industry, we dry the grains at local temperature so as to NOT bake the grains which kills the living organism. I suspect this would be a preferred method for distillers, too, once they understood the difference.
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